Head Start

Head Start

Did you know that it cost over $5,000 a year to serve Quality Head Start Preschool children? Imagine as a parent trying to budget that amount of money to provide your preschool child with a quality education in order to prepare them with School Readiness skills to ensure they would be fully prepared to enter Kindergarten! WOW! That is like paying tuition fees at private school!
This is what HEAD START costs to serve your child. More importantly this Quality Preschool is totally FREE to our parents!! Where else can you go to get $5,000 worth of education, and not cost you anything? Come, join an amazing Preschool Program, where your child will gain reading, math, social, emotional and science skills through play!
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Winter Utility Assistance

Winter Utility Assistance

The non-emergency, Home Energy Assistance Program began January 5, 2015 to assist low-income households cope with the high costs of heating fuel and electricity. This is a one-time assistance per program year.  This program ended March 20, 2015.

The emergency, Home Energy Assistance Program ended April 17, 2015. This program helped low-income individuals with disconnected or soon-to-be disconnected services or depleted heating fuel.



Succeed at
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SUCCESS is a program that helps individuals & families restore their sense of self-respect, hope, and reclaim their dreams of a better life. 

SUCCESS is a family development program that promotes self-reliance and a healthy interdependence with the rest of the community (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, social, educational, spiritual, and medical providers). This in turn promotes an increased feeling of self-worth.

SUCCESS is very unique in that it is based upon the individual and/or family. It is an investment in your future.




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