Ozark Opportunities, Inc. recognizes the importance of the community and parents/guardians in voicing their concerns and complaints about the Head Start Program. Although the Head Start Policy Council and the OOI Executive Director have the utmost respect for the Head Start Preschool Administration and Staff, we realize that mistakes can and sometimes do occur.


  1. An informal complaint/concern by a parent (or community member) should be addressed to the immediate staff-person that has direct control of the issue at hand.In many cases this is the teaching staff at the center level.If these staff are unable to handle the situation to the satisfaction of the parent, then the proper Coordinator(s) should be contacted.If they are unable to satisfy the parent, then the Head Start Director will become involved (and may be involved at any level if needed/contacted by staff.)


  2. A formal complaint/concern by a parent (or community member) should be submitted in writing to the Head Start Director.

    • The complaint in writing should include:

      • Concerned staff involved

      • The facts forming the basis for the complaint

      • Possible witnesses

      • The remedy being sought

      • An address to receive a written response to complaint


  3. The Head Start Director will investigate the issue fully, and he/she (or qualified designee) will give a written reply within 15 days. 

  4. If dissatisfied with the response of the Head Start Director, the parent (or community member) may make a written request to the Policy Council Chairperson asking permission to address the Council at its next meeting.

    • The request must outline the complaint/concerns in detail.

    • The Council shall determine if they will allow the request and the amount of time allotted.

    • The Council may elect to answer the complaint/concern itself. 

  5. If the claimant is not satisfied with the decision of the Council, then the matter will be conveyed to the OOI Board of Directors Grievance Committee for review and decision.The decision of the Policy Council and/or OOI Board of Directors is final and binding.