Micro Shelter Initiative

Ozark Opportunities Inc. is working with local youth groups in an effort to erradicate homlessness in the North Arkansas area. Youth groups from Boone county will be given the chance to apply for a grant from Ozark Opportunities Inc. to construct a micro shelter that can house a family of 3 individuals in need!

Through the support of several local partners who have generously donated their funds or resources and the time and effort of Ozark Opportunities and the youth groups involved we hope to have several micro-shelters in the counties where they are most needed by the middle of 2020.


If your Boone County Youth group is interested in this upcoming Micro Shelter initiativie do not hesitate to reach out to Ozark Opportunities, Inc.  Applications can be picked up at our Community Services Building (located at the address listed below) from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday.  Applications must be received by January 27, 2020 and contest winners will be announced on February 3, 2020.

Please contact Ben Glover @ (870) 741-2089 with any questions or for additional information on how to apply.


Micro-shelter Flyer 2020

Ozark Opportunities, Inc.

Community Services Building

1856 Church Park Dr. Suite C

Harrison, AR  72601

Homeless Population is on the Rise Across the US
2017 marked the first time since 2010 that there was an increase in the homless population of America. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development reported on 12/4/17 that the homless population had increased to 554,000 individuals which is a 1% increase from 2016.
More Homeless = Less Room in Existing Shelters
Of the 554,000 homeless individuals reported in 2017, 193,000 of those individuals have no access to nightly shelter and are forced to stay in places that are deamed “uninhabitable” such as tents, vechicles or on the streets.  This unsheltered figure is a 9% increase from 2015 (when the data was last gathered).
Suprising Homeless Statistics from Arkansas
Out of the growing national statistics on homlessness as of 2017 there were 2,467 individuals that were classified as homless living in the state of Arkansas.  In the Harrison, AR school district there are almost 200 children currently enrolled that would be considered homeless.

Local news coverage of the MicroShelter created by the students at Bergman EAST during our 2018 MicroShelter initiative.

Our First MicroShelter on the News!

Harrison, AR