Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

July 24, 2017


To:  Members of the Boone, Baxter, Marion, Newton Counties Continuum of Care (BBMN CoC)


Re.  Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for FY ’17 Continuum of Care Program Competition Released


The release of the subject NOFA brings an opportunity for homelessness projects within our CoC service area to apply for potential federal funding through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Nationwide, approximately $2 billion is being allocated to fund projects submitted through CoC’s.  The final dollar amount which may be sought through the BBMN CoC has yet to be established.  Preliminary numbers at announcement reflected approximately $351,000, while revised estimates on July 20th showed around $232,000 (All areas nationally were adjusted down).  When this final dollar amount (based on the HUD formula of “Preliminary Pro Rata Need) is determined for our CoC, a follow up notification will let you know what we are competing for


The accompanying .pdf files contain the NOFA, HUD’s NOFA General Section, and the Continuum of Care Interim Rule. Other references may need to be sought as they arise, but these documents cover an enormous amount of information.  If your organization will be applying for potential funding, it is imperative that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the relevant portions of the above documents.


After a brief initial scan, the following points are noted:


*  Deadline for online submission  by the CoC through eSnaps is 8:00 P.M. EST on Sept. 28, 2017  As the present Collaborative Applicant, Ozark Opportunities, Inc. is responsible for the submission of the CoC Consolidated Application, which contains information regarding the Continuum, governance, coordination, performance, etc., as well as information about ranked project submissions.  This Consolidated Application is assessed on a 200 point scale explained in the NOFA.


*  Deadline for organizations to submit projects to the CoC will be 4:00 P.M. Central, Aug. 28, 2017.  One physical *and* one digital copy of project application must be submitted.


Mail physical copy to:  Ozark Opportunities, Inc.

Attn:  Harley Thompson

406 Hwy. 43 East

Harrison, AR 72601

Email copy to:


*  The CoC must notify project applicants whether or not their projects were accepted and ranked by Sept. 14, 2017.  (Appeals procedures and guidelines for submission outside of a CoC are contained within the NOFA)


*  MATCH FUNDING OF 25% IS REQUIRED:  For example, if your organization submits a $100K project proposal and is funded, be prepared to contribute $25K in acceptable match funds towards it.


Eligible costs are listed in 24 CFR 578.37 through 578.63 (Continuum of Care Interim Rule)


* New Project Threshold and New Project Rating Tool tabs on the accomplanying Excel spreadsheet show factors which reviewers must consider when evaluating submissions


As has been mentioned in previous CoC meetings, it is time to form an Application Review Committee.  This committee will need to prepare to convene as needed, especially between Aug. 29th and Sep. 14th, to review projects submitted for funding, decide whether they meet qualifying criteria, and providing a ranking of accepted proposals which HUD considers when making funding decisions.  The attached spreadsheet is a newly released Project Rating and Ranking tool which HUD has provided to aid in the process.  PLEASE consider serving on this committee.  These are important decisions which require thoughtful consideration and input from multiple parties, if our Continuum is going to successfully complete the task.


This is a completely new process to many of us, and we are learning as we go.  If you have questions, I will answer as I am able and work with you to find information where I cannot.

Working together, let’s attempt to bring some dollars in to homelessness initiatives within our counties.  A reply with your interest in serving on the review committee would be welcome!






Harley Thompson

Resource Development Coordinator