Stability Program

Provided by Ozark Opportunities, Inc.

The Stability program provides one time assitance for individuals that have encountered a sudden expense that, if left unaddressed, would cause significant hardship to them and their families.  

Past Stability applications have paid for items such as:

  • Vehicle Repairs & some maintenance
  • Past Due Water Bills and/or Water Deposits
  • Medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.
  • Dental procedures that are not covered by insurance
  • Optical expenses (such as eyeglasses) that are not covered by insurance.

Eligible expenses for the Stability Program MUST be:

  • Completely resolved by the assistance provided by this program.  Since this is a one-time payment we cannot approve a payment that would not resolve the crisis the client is currently facing.
  • Payment cannot assist with an expense that could be addresses by another program that Ozark Opportunities, Inc. offers.  Example: Since Ozark Opportunities, Inc. has programs designed to assist clients with paying their utilities and past due rent these types of expenses would not be paid via the Stability program.
  • Payments will not be approved for past due utility bills that could be addressed by the client reaching out to the utility provider and working out a payment plan.
  • If a client is applying for repairs (such as auto repairs), the vendor providing these repairs must be fully licensed
  • Vendor must be willing to submit tax information to Ozark Opportunities, Inc. and work with the agency to provide any additional documentation that may be required to process the application. 
  • Ozark Opportunities, Inc. will NOTprovide cash advances to client to complete the repairs themselves.