All Summer Energy Assistance Programs are Closed.

Please Check Back Often for announcements concerning the Winter Energy Assistance Program Start Dates.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

2,888 households benefited from the Home Energy Assistance Program, January 1 through September 30, 2019. $671,020.13 was spent in client direct payments to local utility providers on behalf of clients to offset the high costs of heating fuel and electricity during the Winter and Summer months.


 The agency must verify HEAP eligibility requirements verify means to secure proof of the accuracy of information given by household by obtaining more information from another source. The application process is designed to obtain information needed to decide eligibility and prevent duplication. The following information must be obtained along with a completed application: Picture ID for person applying for assistance, Social Security number for everyone in the household, current income of all persons in household 18 years and older, current home energy bills. A client file is established for each client including all needed information to process the application. All applicants’ approval or denial is based on meeting income requirements, after requirements are met, the applicants are notified in writing of the approval or denial status; then, payment is forwarded to the utility company.


Non Emergency LIHEAP will not prevent a shut-off.

 Income Eligibility: (chart updated 06/11/2020)

 For households required to apply for assistance on form AEO-9495, income eligibility will be determined by comparing the household’s maximum countable income (MCI) with the income eligibility chart below. (The countable income is a calculation based on GROSS Income for the household-income before deductions of any kind.) The income eligibility limits are set at 60% of of the state’s median income level for households with three (3) people or fewer and 150% of federal poverty level for households with four (4) or more people. These income limits are the highest allowable by federal LIHEAP guidelines.


Household (1)
MCI (2)
Household (1)
MCI (2)

 (1) For each additional household member over the household size of 20, add $560.00 to the maximum MCI shown for a household size of 20.

 (2) MCI should not be rounded when using the eligibility chart. If the household’s MCI is $.01 over the level shown for the household size, the household is ineligible for assistance (see section 6045 for procedures for income computation).


Information you must have to apply for HEAP Assistance:

1. Proof of all household income for the month prior to the month of application. This would include all check stubs,  unemployment compensation, housing utility assistance, SSI, SSA, TEA, VA and any retirement benefits. A current copy of income verification will be required with all applications.

2. Know the birth dates and social security numbers for all household members.

 3. Have a copy of bill, past due notice or shut off notice for which assistance is requested (for Emergency Assistance).

 4. Copies of both electric bill and documentation/bill for heating source is required for both winter and summer applications.

 5. Have knowledge of resources such as amount of money in the bank, value of owned property, other assets, etc. Verification may be required.

 6. Have current verification of any and all contributions from family and friends. If you have zero or inadequate income you will need written collateral statements verifying how you pay your bills. 

7. Knowledge of where all household members are currently employed or where they were last employed and the date of last employment for all household members. Any unemployed household members 18+ must present verification of status of unemployment. For High School students 18 years or older a letter from the High School must be provided to verify their enrollment.

 8. If any subsidized housing is received, you will need proof of whether or not utility assistance is received.

 9. An I.D. will be required for identification purposes of the person making application.


The agency has up to 35 days to process your application. Applications are processed as quickly as possible. No calls will be made to the utility company for the regular assistance program.


The amount of benefits under the Home Energy Assistance Program will vary according to income and household size. Additional information about specific benefit amounts can be obtained by contacting your local Community Action Agency. After your application is reviewed, you will receive a written notice explaining your eligibility and the amount of assistance you will receive. Payments are generally sent directly to a utility company or fuel dealer and are credited to your account. Please allow 30 days for a response.


Home Energy Assistance Program

YOU are responsible for providing the required information that applies to you and your household.

These items are required whether you receive these benefits or not.

  • Proof of Identity
    • Acceptable forms of ID include (but are not limited to):
      • Driver’s License
      • Birth Certificates or Similar Documents
      • Work or School Identification Card
      • Identification Card for Health Benefits or Other Assistance
      • Voter Registration Card
      • Pay Check Stubs Containing the Name of the Person
    • Proof of income for all household members 18 years or older for the previous month
      • This includes all check stubs that have a pay date in the previous month.
      • If check stubs are not available, an earnings statement must be completed by your employer.
    • Proof of unemployment for all household members 18 years or older that are unemployed
      • This is required even if you do not receive any unemployment benefits.
      • You will need to go to the unemployment office and they can print out what you have or have not received in the last month. Please note that you will need 2 forms of ID to obtain printout.
      • If you have lost your job within the last 60 days we will need an unemployment printout in addition to a statement from your employer that states your last date of employment and any income that was received in the previous month.
      • If anyone is a full time student who is unemployed they will also need a letter from the school stating that he or she is a full time student.
    • Proof of Social Security, Retirement, Pensions, Workman’s Comp, or Disability
      • You will need a copy of your award letter for the current year.
      • We cannot accept a copy of your bank statement.
      • To request your SS or SSI award letter, go to or call 1-800-772-1213.
    • Proof of utility allowance
      • If you live in government housing or receive rental assistance we need a letter from the Housing Authority that states whether or not you receive a utility reimbursement check.
      • Even if you do not receive a reimbursement check each month we still need a letter from them stating you do not get one.
    • If you have no income
      • We need proof of how you have been paying your bills. If someone has helped you, we need a contribution statement completed from each person who helped you in the previous month.
      • We also need you to get an unemployment printout for all household members who are 18 or older.
    • Copy of Electric Bill
      • This must be the top portion of your bill showing the name the account is under and the service address.
      • Pay stubs from a bill will not suffice.
    • Copy of Bill associated with heating the home (if home is not all electric)
      • This must be the top portion of the bill showing the name the account is under and the service address.
      • Pay stubs from a bill will not suffice.
      • Receipt from Propane or Wood purchase are acceptable.

We MUST have Social Security Numbers and Birthdates for ALL Household Members